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We help large companies consolidate their data from disparate sources into simple and understandable dashboards and interactive management reports. You get one version of the truth for the entire organization, instead of Excel chaos. So that the data for decision-making is always at hand. Not in a week, when analysts finish their work at the reports set.

Vitaliy Trenkenshu
Managing partner of
in the Qlik Ecosystem
interactive learning platform, designed to help business users learn all about Qlik and how to crete Qlik application using DAR-methodology.

Coroprate eduction program for CoE.
The Procurement Management solution, powered on Qlik Sense, provides holdings an executive overview of their pruchases across branches and departments.
identify anomalies, trends and risks (overpricing, violation of procedures etc) in procurement process from planning to executing. Easy-to-use procurement benchmarking.
Government fraud detection solution created by Datanomix gives The General Prosecutor's office of a country a fast way to detect fraud risks in public procurements, healthcare and tax evasions in an early stage to prevent them. There are multiple techniques – automated business rules, predictive modeling, and network link analysis uses.
Use your procurement data to find sources of savings, correct the deficiencies and prevent risks at early stages.
Save taxpayer funds with Datanomix Red Flags Management system. Automatically find risky tenders and contracts, check the objects with the highest risk of inefficient spending of funds.
How can we help you?
We are experienced Qik integrator with certified developers and official partnership with vendors
We are analyzing and auditing your Qlik Sense applications, infrastructures and find bottlenecks.
Complex Data Modelling and ETL
We will implement the routines designed in the Data Integration Definition, to extract and transform your data, and save it in the optimal format.
Outcomes: Qlik Optimized Data Models and ETL Processes.
Our certified Qlik experts ready
to help you and your clients.
We provide Qlilk experts with equal or better skills that you can find locally for much better price
Technical Service
Architecture sizing/scalability & platform-migrations and performance tuning. Windows and Kubernetes.
Data Lineage
Implementing NodeGraph for building data lineage from field in the database to KPI in your report
The project workflow
This document outlines the typical project structure, procedure, and general workflow.
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