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How to migrate Data Connections to QAP, Qlik Sense Enterprise

It is really a great pain to migrate data connection from Qlik Sense Enterprise to Qlik Analytics Platform (QAP). Because QAP doesn’t have a front-end interface to easily recreate and manage these connections. So in the standard way, you need to use Qlik Sense Desktop/QSE and create a ‘blank’ QVF (No loaded data) that contains all the data connections needed for moving to a higher environment or bringing connections into QAP.

If you use git, that pain can be relieved easily. In my case, I have done it with the Gitoqlok browser extension.

You can serialize and save Data Connections into JSON and store it into your git repository and then deploy it in any environment that you need.

Next, you can go on the Hub page in the QAP and open a popup window of the Gitoqlok extension.

Press “Import Data Connection” button and select the repository which you want to use.

After that Data Connections will be imported into QAP and you can use them.
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