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Datanomix won the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

The competition for solutions to improve the public procurement system is held by theOpen Contracting Partnership international network, which is engaged in the transformation of public procurement and the discovery of data on contracts around the world.

Public procurement is the world's largest market, and at the same time, it is here that the main corruption risks lie.

The objective of the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge is to support the development of tools based on open data on public procurement for more efficient, fair and honest spending of public funds.

Forty-two teams from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova applied for the competition, indicating a huge interest in public procurement data and demand from both businesses and non-governmental organizations in these countries.

The winner of the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge from the Republic of Kazakhstan was Datanomix.

The company submitted to the competition a project of public monitoring to increase the competitiveness of public procurement. The proposed integrated approach includes building a CRM system that will detect unreasonable restrictions on competition and signs of competition manipulation in tenders (for example, collusion) and automatically generate letters to alert buyers and regulatory authorities.

The Open Contracting Innovation Challenge consists of two stages of incubation. According to the results of the first stage, the jury selects 9 finalists (3 for each country), after the second stage 3 winners are announced (1 for each country).

As part of the challenge, trainings, meetings and discussions are held with officials, developers, sponsors and other stakeholders to jointly learn and support the implementation of the developed tools. Within three months of the second stage, the finalists must develop minimum viable products (MVP) and start implementing their tools.

After the announcement of the finalists, as part of the implementation phase, the winners of the challenge must finalize their solutions and move on to their implementation.

As part of the challenge, Datanomix is ​​implementing a public monitoring project to increase the competitiveness of public procurement. The team has already developed a system to detect unreasonable restrictions on competition in public procurement, as well as inflated procurement costs. Now it is necessary to create a platform for attracting public organizations of Kazakhstan in order to encourage the state to transfer direct purchases to a competitive field. For this, a CRM system has been developed for automated sending of letters to both government customers and regulatory authorities. In addition, the system will track results and future savings.