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Seminar on International Public Procurement

Monitoring of public procurement in Moldova: OCP, representatives of the Accounts Chamber and the Ministry of Finance held an expert discussion.

The Open Contracting Partnership (OCP), in collaboration with the Accounts Chamber of Moldova and the Ministry of Finance of Moldova, held an expert discussion on the challenges of moving towards monitoring public procurement using analytical tools.

During the meeting, Petru Rotaru, member of the Court of Accounts, and Tatiana Caraman, Head of the Synthesis and Reporting Department, shared an overview of the challenges that auditors of the Court of Accounts face during control activities.

In particular, they noted a large number of purchases of low value, comparable to the volume of tenders that take place in the public procurement system (9 billion lei or 4.4% of GDP); outlined the components of the public procurement system that need to be improved, and also outlined the need for changes in the legal framework.

Vladimir Arakelov, State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of Moldova, outlined the need to use analytical tools to assess risks in the public procurement system. He expressed support from the Ministry of Finance in carrying out changes in the regulatory and legal field to improve the efficiency of the state financial control bodies. Vladimir emphasized the importance of maintaining the practice of publishing and using open data in the process of reforming the public procurement system.

Vitaliy Trenkenshu, Managing Partner of, shared his experience in developing and implementing risk assessment tools in public procurement in the activities of a number of state financial control bodies of Kazakhstan and automating the work of auditors. In his speech, Vitaliy noted the effectiveness of cross-functional teams and the Agile approach in introducing innovations, as well as combining active support and growing in-house expertise in working with data. Together, this will increase the level of use of the potential of analytical tools.

Viktor Nestulya, Head of the EECA region, presented the methodological developments of OCP on risk identification and demonstrated use cases for working with the public analytics module for public procurement Business Intelligence. Victor reviewed the capabilities of the analytical module which includes:

  • quality assessment of procurement planning;
  • identification of the effectiveness of the introduction of "green procurement" and support for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • analysis of market monopolization;
  • monitoring the implementation of contracts;
  • analysis of complaints from suppliers;
  • analysis of unit prices and other risk indicators.

Vladimir Tarnay, OCP manager, presented cases of implementing a risk-based approach to monitoring public procurement in Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, documenting the challenges that the state financial control authorities faced along the way.

We are confident that by joining forces, we will be able to contribute to the development of the public procurement sector, promote innovation and improve the efficiency of audit and monitoring of procurement in Moldova and the EECA region.