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The Transport Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan successfully implemented Qlik Sense

Today, the Transport Committee pays special attention to digital development. Within the structure of the Committee, there is the Transport Digitalization Department, which is endowed with the functions of supporting projects in the field of digitalization of the Committee activities and the transport industry as a whole.

Today we see the introduction of intelligent systems for managing and monitoring the implementation of the transportation of goods and passengers as a priority direction in the work of management. In addition, as part of improving the efficiency of the Management Committee, due attention is paid to the automation of internal business processes.

Today, the Committee operates a Business Analytical System based on the well-known BI platform QlikSence, provided by the domestic company Datanomix LLP, which in the shortest possible time gave tangible results: analytical platforms were created in 4 areas of the Committee’s activities, 8 processes and reports were automated when performing the assigned functions, which will save a total of 364 man-hours per month.

At the same time, the main goal of this direction is to replace labor costs for the performance of everyday operations with automated tools and to focus labor resources on solving strategic problems.

Source: Көлік Комитеті